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We’re convinced that a vibrant and robust faith engages in lifelong learning. The overarching goal of this learning is to help people gain a clearer understanding of the Word of God as revealed in Scripture and what this means for living today.

Our programs major on bringing the Bible to life, attending to its literary artistry, exploring the history of Christian thought and ethics, and asking how foundational Christian beliefs sit alongside the challenges posed by a modern understanding of the world. We anticipate that the deeper students go into Scripture and historic faith, the greater the conceptual resources they’re likely to find. We also place an emphasis on equipping our students with skills for communicating the Word of God in a modern context, whether this be to children, youth, adults, or the media.

Invigorate your faith by taking part in one of our following Lifelong Learning programs.

Invigorate your faith by taking part in one of our following Lifelong Learning programs.

Short Courses

Develop your skills for reading the Bible, whether this be for the purpose of your personal study, preaching, leading within your local church, or giving an account of your faith at home or at work.

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Undergraduate Courses

Prepare yourself with the skills and knowledge for supporting mission within your church, community, or workplace.

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Post-Graduate Courses

Develop your ability to engage with challenges and questions that arise for the person of Christian faith living in modern society, whether this be at home, work, or in your role as a ministry agent.

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UCA Qualifications

Trinity College Queensland is the theological college of the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA), Queensland Synod. As such it offers a number of educaational programs that meet the competencies for UCA certificates and ordination for ministry.

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