Post-Graduate Courses

Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters.

Build on your prior theological study or study theology for the first time with one of our Postgraduate Courses. These courses focus on bringing a rigorous study of the Bible and Christian thought alongside a modern understanding of the world

The Master of Theological Studies (MThs) offered by our college aims to develop your ability to engage with challenges and questions that arise for the person of Christian faith living in contemporary society, whether that be at home, work, or in your role as a ministry agent.

The MThs is designed for students who have not previously completed an undergraduate degree in theology but have other undergraduate qualifications. The MThs offers exit points of receiving a Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies as well as a Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies.

The Masters of Theological Studies is a course of Flinders University in association with Adelaide College of Divinity.

Our Post-Graduate Courses

Master of Theological Studies

Students complete a core suite of biblical, theological, and Church history subjects before electing from a range of units that include Christian ethics, Philosophy and Christian Thought, Political Theology, Preaching….

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