The challenges we face: scientists reflect on why they believe

Curiosity killed the cat and sometimes it feels like it could kill Christian faith.

Questions about suffering, Biblical texts that seem to make fanciful claims, the reason why there’s something rather than nothing…you can soon start wondering if it’s reasonable to believe. Our next Trinity Unplugged has invited a number of scientists to reflect on how they meet the challenges posed for Christian faith in the modern world. A great event to bring along senior youth groups, university friends, or your family.

Panel Members: Nathan Palpant, Ceri Wynne and Leigh Trevaskis

Nathan Palpant researches Stem cells and cardiovascular development at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, The University of Queensland. In addition to his stem cell research, Nathan has edited two volumes that focus on bioethics and suffering.

Ceri Wynne has both a PhD in biochemistry and a theological degree. She has taught both biochemistry and theology at different stages of her academic career and has an interest in the relationship between these disciplines.

Leigh Trevaskis has a first PhD in Veterinary Science, a second PhD in Old Testament and a theological degree. Leigh is the Principal of Trinity College Queensland and his research interests extend across the fields of science and theology.

Time: 7-9pm

Date: Friday 28th July

Venue: Trinity College Queensland, Level 1, 60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower QLD 4066

Parking onsite

Cost: $10

Refreshments included

RSVP: Please RSVP via email at ask@trinity.qld.edu.au with number of attendees and contact information, or register now online.


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