Trinity Unplugged: I’ll take Jesus, but not the Church

Have you ever asked if ‘being there’ on Sunday really matters?

In our contemporary culture Church can sometimes appear as a religious box to tick. And probably—if we’re honest—a box we’d rather leave unticked . . . or one that we sometimes secretly hope might disappear altogether. This is actually a reasonable and rational position.

Yet, we must also ask: what if the Scriptures are calling us to something deeper, something more authentic, compelling, and radical than status quo Churchianity? What if we are called not to run from the brokenness of the Church, but to run toward it? What if we’re called not called to reject the Church but to reinvigorate, refresh, and reimagine who we are together?

Join us as John Frederick, Lecturer in New Testament at Trinity College Queensland explores these questions and argues for a revolution in our conception of the church from the writings of the New Testament.

Speaker: Dr John Frederick

Venue: Trinity College Queensland, Level 1, 60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower QLD 4066.

Parking available onsite

Cost: $10 (light dinner and refreshment included)




Trinity College Campus

60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower QLD 4066




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60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower, Queensland, 4066, Australia

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