Interpreting the New Testament: Study an Intensive Unit at Trinity

How would you like to grow your skills for reading the Bible somewhere close to the level of skills you use at work? Our five day intensive called Interpreting the…

Trinity Unplugged – Idiot Wind: Trump, the Media and our Modern Malaise

What does the election of Donald Trump say about users of the media? At our next Trinity Unplugged, the ABC’s Religion & Ethics commentator Scott Stephens will explore what the…

Introduction to Christian Leadership

This unit of study is designed to assist in the formation of effective Christian leaders.  Everyone is talking about leadership these days. A lot of this talk involves some strongly…

Trinity Unplugged: Sharing Faith at Work and School?

Jesus commands us to make disciples. But are we all equipped for the job? How do you talk with your friends about following Jesus? Sam Chan (gifted evangelist and trainer…

Student Calendar Now Available

The student calendar for 2017 is now available. Please download it here. The calendar includes important information about census dates, exam periods and more.

Study Preaching at Trinity College Queensland

In this 12-week unit called Homiletics, Paul Jones will identify and examine the ingredients of effective preaching, and address frequently asked questions about the ministry of preaching: How do preachers…

Trinity College Queensland Open Evening

We’re hosting an Open Evening to give people a sense of what it’s like to study at Trinity College Queensland. It’s free and gives you a chance to meet our…

Introduction to Christian Thought

This unit introduces students to the study of Christian faith and to key doctrines. It outlines the content and method of Christian theology and explores the roles of history and…

Canary in the Mine

Take a look at this quote from the Basis of Union, Paragraph 11: The Uniting Church enters into the inheritance of literary, historical and scientific enquiry which has characterised recent…


I’ve been asked what I mean by mission-ready graduates ever since I proposed the Future Ministry Model for our College. I’ll be careful to keep this blog jargon-free, as mission-ready…


Students studying in 2017 please click the link to save a copy of the timetable PDF to your computer.

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