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Trinity Unplugged: Sharing Faith at Work and School?

February 6, 2017

Jesus commands us to make disciples. But are we all equipped for the job?

How do you talk with your friends about following Jesus?

Sam Chan (gifted evangelist and trainer in evangelism) will help us think through some of the key steps to telling our friends about Jesus and the challenges of doing this in a pluralistic society. He will help us to tell our story as a story.

This evening isn’t just for adults. It’s for Christians at school too. We’ve put this Trinity Unplugged on a Friday night so that you can bring along your youth group before heading out for some fun on the town.

Speaker: Dr Sam Chan

Bio: Dr Sam Chan is a “double doctor” – a medical doctor with a PhD in theology – who speaks on life, meaning and faith. He is hopeless at dancing, rugby and karaoke – but he does know the words to American Pie (or maybe just the chorus).

Time: 7-9pm

Date: Friday 24th March

Venue: Trinity College Queensland, Level 1, 60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower QLD 4066

Parking onsite

Cost: $10

Refreshments included

Audience: Professional workers from churches (not just UCA congregations), university students, and possibly people from late high school. It would also appeal to Church youth groups.

Written by
Leigh Trevaskis

After finishing a PhD in Veterinary Science though the University of Sydney, Leigh completed a PhD in the Old Testament unåder the supervision of Gordon J. Wenham. His research on the Old Testament focuses on the literary artistry of Leviticus.

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