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Two new faculty members complete the Trinity team

March 1, 2018

It has been an exhilarating start of the year for Trinity.

We have had 54 people enrol in our accredited courses, launched our Activate Gap Year program for 18-23 year olds, and now we are announcing the addition of two new faculty members:


Victoria Lorrimar, Lecturer in Systematic Theology

The Synod Standing Committee has endorsed the appointment of Vicki Lorrimar as our Lecturer in Systematic Theology.

Vicki is an Australian completing her DPhil in Theology under the supervision of Professor Alister McGrath at the University of Oxford. Prior to undertaking theological education, Vicki majored in genetics and biochemistry within her Bachelor of Science (Hons) through the University of Western Australia and completed a Master of Divinity through the Australian College of Theology. Her doctoral research retains her scientific interests, focusing as it does on the intersection of science and technology, theology, philosophy and literature. Though she will not complete her doctorate until June 2018, Vicki already has experience teaching at Oxford. She already has five peer-reviewed publications in theology and has written for theconversation.com. We will welcome her to Trinity in July this year.


Nigel Rogers, Dean of Formation and Dispersed Learning


The Rev. Nigel Rogers will join the Trinity faculty as Dean of Formation and Dispersed Learning on the 14th March.

In addition to the skills and experience Nigel has accumulated as the CEO/General Secretary of the South Australian Synod, Nigel brings a passion for discipleship. We’ve worked out that he’s highly entrepreneurial and hungry to see our College graduate a new generation of leaders who can reinvigorate existing churches and plant new ones. Nigel has previously been the Senior Minister at Pittwater Uniting Church (NSW) and the Youth Pastor at Mooloolaba Uniting Church. He’s completing a Doctor of Ministry and we anticipate that he will contribute lectures on leadership and units specifically related to UCA Formation.

Written by
Janet Nibbs

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