Christian Leadership

Christian Leadership


Explore and develop your leadership potential as a Christian.


This course provides an overview of Christian Leadership with a particular exploration of the leadership example of Jesus. The material is designed to help students integrate biblical understanding, leadership theory and self-awareness to enlarge the individual’s capacity to lead more effectively in any context.

Core Questions

Jesus, Model and Mentor: What is leadership?

Self-Leadership: Am I a leader?

Vision to Action: How does leadership work?

The Power of Teams: Can we do it better together?

Leaders Making Leaders: What is leadership’s end-game?

Lecturer: Simon Gomersall

Simon has worked as a school teacher, youth worker, chaplain, pastor, consultant and lecturer. He holds post-graduate qualifications in Educational Leadership and Theology, respectively from Queensland University of Technology and Oxford University. He loves nothing more than helping people see leadership through Jesus’ eyes, allowing everyone to discover and use their God-given leadership capacity.

Assessment (Lay Preachers only)

In addition to the set reading for each class (about 100 pages in total), the assessment for this subject is a 1500 word book review or essay. The Lay Preacher candidate may review 100 pages from a set text, or write an essay on one of three set topics. For further information, please contact the course lecturer.

Fee & Payment Options

$70 without assessment
$150 if taken as credit towards Lay Preachers Certificate


Next offered in 2018 (date TBA)


Trinity College Queensland, Auchenflower
Also available as an online module.

Last day to enrol

1st Day of Course

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