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Making the Move From Text to Sermon

October 5, 2018

One of the ongoing challenges of being a minister is the call to preach meaningful, engaging, transformative sermons on a regular basis.

The pressure upon the preacher is not only an external one, either. Yes, congregations can be critical and demanding. But preachers also feel an internal obligation — and rightly so — to exercise their God-given gift by faithfully discerning the word for Sunday morning.

For many, the difficulties of this weekly task arise from a struggle to understand how to make the move from ancient text to meaningful sermon.

If this describes you, you’ll be pleased to know that Trinity is introducing two new courses to address this very real need. Both come under the umbrella of Integrative Ministry Practice, and they are appropriately named Old Testament Text to Sermon and — yep, you guessed it — New Testament Text to Sermon. Each course will focus on a particular book and provide numerous opportunities for participants to grow in biblical literacy, pastoral sensitivity, and practical communication skills.

In second semester, 2018, the OT Text to Sermon class will be taught by Paul Jones (Lecturer in OT and Homiletics), focusing on the book of Jonah. Then, in semester 1 of 2019, the NT Text to Sermon class will be taught by John Frederick (Lecturer in NT), focusing on 1 Peter. Or was it James? Hebrews? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Whether you are thriving or just surviving in your weekly sermon preparation, we’d love to have you join us at Trinity for what will be an exciting journey together. Along the way, we’ll consider strategies for reading OT narratives, we’ll ask seasoned ministers about what inspires them to hone their craft, and we’ll take time in each class to hone practical skills for use in the pulpit.

Come with us, as we learn to move from text to sermon.

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