NT024-812 – Other Writings

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

A. Know and understand

1. Demonstrate Advanced knowledge and understanding of [the selected books] in the English text.

B. Be able to

1. Examine the ‘introductory’ issues in understanding the selected books

2. Evaluate alternative interpretations of the themes and theological teachings of the selected books

3. Exegete selected passages of the English text of the selected books

C. Be in a position to

1. Applying the teaching of the selected books to contemporary Christian living and ministry practice


  1. The major issues in contemporary study and the central themes of—
    1. Ephesians
    2. 1 Peter
  2. Exegesis of the English text of 10–12 chapters drawn from:
    1. Ephesians
    2. 1 Peter