NT001-812 – Jesus and the Gospels

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

Know and understand

Demonstrate Advanced knowledge and understanding of the ministry of Jesus and the contents, themes and character of the canonical Gospels.

Be able to

  1. Critically analyse:

a) The influence of the historical, socio-cultural, religious and political setting of first-century Palestine as the context of Jesus’ life and ministry

b) The distinctive features of the four Gospels and the interrelationships between them

2. Investigate evidence-based perspectives on:

a) the life and identity of Jesus; and

b) the message and ministry of Jesus

Be in a position to

  1. Apply knowledge, Critical thinking skills and perspectives from ‘Jesus and the Gospels’ to contemporary Christian living and ministry contexts


  • Context and setting:
    • The historical, socio-cultural, religious and political setting of first century Palestine
  • One Gospel and four Gospels:
    • A detailed study of one or more gospels
    • Distinctive features of the Gospels
    • The interrelationship of the Gospels
  • The identity and life of Jesus:
    • The designations and titles of Jesus
    • The passion and resurrection narratives
  • The message and ministry of Jesus:
    • The Kingdom of God in the proclamation of Jesus
    • The significance and interpretation of the parables
    • The ethics of Jesus, including the Sermon on the Mount
    • The miracles of Jesus and their significance
  • Reflection (through a-d) on the significance of Jesus Christ for contemporary life and ministry