Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

The Bachelor of Theology (Hons) program prepares men & women for advanced theological research (e.g., PhD).

It is designed for students with a 3-year degree in Theology or Ministry from the ACT and who have demonstrated high academic potential.

Bachelor of Theology (Honours) Graduate Attributes

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.

Advanced Research Capabilities

  • Ability to conduct research in a specialised field of study completed at a high academic level in a student’s first degree in theology, including ability to exegete biblical texts in their original language if the area of the thesis so demands.
  • Demonstration of wide reading, intellectual independence, critical thinking and analytic rigour at early postgraduate level such that the potential for further postgraduate research is emerging.

Key Information

Bachelor of Theology (Honours)

Academic Qualifications

Students who would like to complete the honours degree must have:

  • BTh or BMin with GPA min 2.0 overall, with 2.0 in the designated field of study
  • Either Biblical Hebrew or New Testament Greek and at least two units of biblical language set books if student is intending to undertake OT or NT research

Language Qualifications for NESB

IELTS 7.0 overall with a minimum of 7.0 in reading and writing, and 6.5 in listening and speaking OR 10 years in Australia with English being the language primarily spoken both at home and work


Primary Course Discipline

  • 24cps coursework units from the student’s designated field of research at level 8 or above
  • 12cps Research Methods
  • 36cps word thesis (16,000 words) in Theology at Level 8


  • 24cps coursework units from any field at level 8 or above


  • Honours will be determined from the Honours course alone, and will not include the GPA of units taken in the prior undergraduate degree.
  • Candidates may take no more than three years after the completion of their initial undergraduate degree in theology or ministry to complete the Bachelor Honours course.
  • The criterion for determining honours grades is available on the ACT website – document repository.
  • All exegesis units in the Honours program must be in the original language if the candidate’s designated field of research is in OT or NT.

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology. For more information please visit the ACT course page.