Graduate Certificate of Divinity

The Grad Cert Div is perfect for people who have a non-theology degree and are looking to further their knowledge and skills in theology and/or ministry.
This 4 unit course will support your work in a local church, community, or workplace.


The Grad Cert Div introduces graduate students with a non-theology background to the sources and content of the Christian story and message at an advanced level. It provides training that combines articulation of this story and message with their application and practice in the contemporary world.

The course is based on the disciplines by which knowledge of God is developed and articulated in the fields of:

  • Bible & Languages (LA, OT, NT, BB)
  • Christian Thought & History (TH, CH, PE)

It will also include units in the disciplines by which knowledge of God is applied to guide Christian practice in the three areas of the field of Ministry and Practice:

  • Evangelism & Missiology (EM)
  • Pastoral & Church Focused Ministry (PC)
  • Developmental Ministry (DM)

Through elective units students can:

  • Develop understanding in the Bible and Christian Thought & History
  • Develop particular ministry skills in the three areas of the field of Ministry & Practice


Academic Qualifications

  • Completed Degree: 3-year bachelor or equivalent
  • Interview: All new students are interviewed to understand how the college can support their study goals.

Language Qualifications for NESB

  • IELTS 7.0 overall with a minimum of 7.0 in reading and writing, and 6.5 in listening and speaking OR 10 years in Australia with English being the language primarily spoken both at home and work

This is a course of the Australian College of Theology.