NT002-712 – The Early New Testament Church

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

A. Know and understand

Demonstrate Functional knowledge and understanding of the contents, themes and theology of the Book of Acts and of major New Testament Epistles.

B. Be able to

1. Discuss: a) the history, themes, theology and narrative presented in the Book of Acts; and b) the contents, themes and theology of selected New Testament Epistles

2. Critically Analyse key developments and emerging patterns in the beginnings and expansion of the early church

3. Present Critical evidence-based perspectives on the themes and theology of the Book of Acts and of the selected New Testament Epistles

C. Be in a position to

1. Applying perspectives from ‘The Early New Testament Church’ to contemporary Christian living and ministry contexts


Section A

The beginnings and expansion of the church as reflected in the New Testament documents, with special attention to the Acts of the Apostles.  Topics to be covered include:

  • The Jerusalem church
  • Early Christian preaching
  • Stephen and the Hellenists
  • The Pauline mission and churches
  • The Council of Jerusalem
  • Schism, heresy and external threat in the early church.

Section B

The main issues confronted in and the teaching of at least seven major New Testament epistles.