Trinity Short Courses

Not everyone is ready or able to commit to degree-level study. That’s why Trinity also offers a number of short courses that are accessible to anyone, and which make minimal demands on time and money. We want everyone to have the opportunity to explore the Bible and figure out their faith. So if you’re unsure about full-time study, start here.

Aim:  Develop your skills for reading the Bible, whether this be for the purpose of your personal study, preaching, leading within your local church, or giving an account of your faith at home or at work.

Focus: Trinity Short Courses are designed to lead you gently into theological waters where you can get your feet wet without fear of drowning. You don’t need any prior theological education; you just need a healthy dose of curiosity. Do you want to learn where the Bible came from and why it remains relevant today? Are you interested in what makes a good sermon, or how you can discover and develop your skills in leadership? Whether you’re interested in Christian perspectives on science, society or the arts, Trinity Short Courses have something for you. So don’t be shy. Take a look at the courses below and get in touch with us!


The short courses format is currently being revised for 2019. For more information or assistance contact ask@trinity.qld.edu.au


Our Short Courses

Old Testament

This short course provides an outline of the Old Testament (78% of the Christian Bible!), giving special attention to the way God’s purposes for creation and Israel are expressed. At…

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New Testament

This short course introduces skills for reading the New Testament, with a special emphasis on improving how you might interpret it and explain it to other people (i.e. through preaching,…

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An introduction to the key developments in Christian thought about God and his relationship with his world. This short course will equip students with theological resources that sharpen how they…

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Preaching – Shaping the Word

This course focuses on various aspects of sermon construction, including how to choose texts and topics, how to draw meaning(s) from the text, and how to illustrate your content, as well as…

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