Trinity Unplugged: I believe, help my unbelief


How confronting doubt leads to stronger faith.

“I believe! Help my unbelief!” exclaimed a man to Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. That refrain might as well be a mantra for contemporary followers of Jesus. Some of us cover up our uncertainties, seeking to hide them from ourselves and from others. We reckon that our scepticism will make us weak. And so we become doubt deniers.

For others, we do not lament about doubt; we embrace it! Some even call it “divine.” But what if doubt were something to be neither denied nor divinised? What if uncertainty were something to be neither swept under the rug nor celebrated?

This Trinity Unplugged, Dr John Frederick (Lecturer in New Testament at Trinity College Queensland) will invite us to consider how avoiding doubt is delusional and embracing doubt is deadly to our faith. Join us as we explore the biblical paradox that our faith is strengthened by confronting doubt as we live with the holy and healthy tension that true faith creates.

Speaker: Dr John Frederick

Venue: Trinity College Queensland, Level 1, 60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower QLD 4066.

Free parking available onsite

Cost: $10 (Discount for groups of 5 or more)

Time: 7–9 pm (dinner and light refreshments provided 6:15 pm)


Trinity College Campus

60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower QLD 4066




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60 Bayliss St, Auchenflower, Queensland, 4066, Australia


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