Soraya Wilson

College Registrar

As someone who grew up in a Christian household and always had some kind of belief, it was a long journey from there to where I am today. I experienced much of the typical journey of finding a faith and then the eventual realization and acceptance of the gospel to really transform the broader faith I had into a personal and lifelong commitment. There is no doubt that God has been incredibly kind and patient with me in my journey.

Almost by accident (read: God knew what He was doing) I found myself a student at Queensland Theological College in 2014. I spent the next four years studying and completed a Bachelor of Theology and Ministry. I never planned to go into ministry with my qualifications, I just knew that I wanted and needed to understand the Bible better. My time at college really cemented what I knew to be true and has been absolutely fundamental to my life as a Christian and my understanding of grace and the Gospel from that point forward.

I am excited to be back in the world of Theological studies and I am sure that I will love getting to know the students and bonding over shared experiences as I work in my new role as College Registrar.

Publications: Happy Little Goats by Chronicle Books


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