Activate – More than a Gap Year

Equipping young people to effectively serve God and share faith in their personal relationships, local church and chosen vocation.


Activate is a one-year, 3-day per week life-changing program for young adults (approximately between the ages of 18-30). It provides many enjoyable and daring opportunities to encounter purposeful learning, preparation for mission and spiritual growth in the context of a vibrant Christian community.

Students experience formal biblical and theological study; local, outback and overseas mission; service activities; training experiences within and beyond the church and the opportunity to reflect on their life-direction in a prayerful and supportive environment. Some program features: completing a Diploma of Ministry, mental-health first aid course, barista course, outback mission trip, overseas mission immersion experience, individual mentoring, informal times of prayer/worship/bible study, beach trips, art galleries and mountain climbs.


You’re invited to Trinity College Queensland’s Activate Program. This is an opportunity for you to position yourself in an environment where you will develop your ministry gifts, expand your leadership capacity and prepare to serve God in any vocation.  Be stretched and challenged in ways you never imagined as you learn in an active missional community.

Trinity Activate


  1.  Activate – A jam-packed experience for high-capacity students offering the opportunity to complete a Diploma of Ministry (the equivalent of a full-time study load) and enjoy a vibrant and diverse set of additional activities including an overseas mission exposure trip.
  2. Activate Life – A classic, academically-lighter gap year program. Lots of fun and engaging activities with access to quality theological education but without the demand of stressful assessment. Students audit their subjects (participate in classes but are not required to complete the assessment) and will be issued a Trinity Activate Certificate (nonaccredited) at the end of the year. There will be plenty of time left for going to the beach and catching up with friends.
  3. Activate Flex – Two-year program in which students complete a Diploma in Ministry, but across two years, studying at a half-time load. This study load might suit people who need to support themselves by working part-time whilst completing the Activate Program or want to spend time working or volunteering in a church.

Trinity College Queensland doesn’t just believe that young people are the church of tomorrow, but are leaders in our midst, who must be released if our church is to move forward. ‘Next-Gen’ must become ‘This-Gen’. We are committed to doing all we can to prepare this generation through faithful yet robust theological engagement, expressed in a context of challenging yet accessible discipleship.


For more details download the Prospectus. To enrol fill out the application form (print version) and email a copy to Find out how you can support Trinity’s Activate students.


Studying the Old Testament at Trinity totally changed my life.

Ana Tuilovoni

I have learned that I am a daughter of God, I am part of something extraordinary, something I can hardly begin to imagine – and that is God’s plan and mission for the world.

Lucy Kammermann

You will meet lovely people who become friends for life.

Laura Smith

The unit, Spirituality for 21st Century Disciples was an exciting experience. This unit helped me to reflect on my journey with Christ but also stretched and challenged in how to ‘do’ spirituality.

Tim Petersen

Activate has offered constant support and amazing learning opportunities. Being Human was my favourite unit as it has equipped me to respond to everyday situations.

Joshua Shannon