New Testament – An introduction


Discover what God is doing in the world through His Church.


This short course introduces skills for reading the New Testament, with a special emphasis on improving how you might interpret it and explain it to other people (i.e. through preaching, Bible study and evangelism). Sessions focus on the Gospel of Mark, one of Paul’s letters, and the book of Revelation.

Core Questions

Jesus I: What is the kingdom of God all about?

Jesus II: What was Jesus saying through his parables?

Paul: What changed on the Road to Damascus?

Church I: What is God doing in the world through His church?

Church II: What is my part to play as one of God’s people?

Lecturer: Dr John Frederick

Assessment (Lay Preachers Only)

In addition to the set reading for each class (about 100 pages in total), the assessment for this subject is a 1500 word book review or essay. The Lay Preacher candidate may review 100 pages from a set text, or write an essay on one of three set topics. For further information, please contact the course lecturer.