What can we say with certainty about God’s nature and his good intentions for the world?


An introduction to the key developments in Christian thought about God and his relationship with his world. This short course will equip students with theological resources that sharpen how they speak and think about God. The course also considers how these resources may support the life of faith at home, work, or school.

Core Questions

Theology, Revelation, and Hermeneutics: How do we find the words to speak about God?

Trinity, Providence and Sin: How is God revealed to us in the midst of our brokenness?

Humanity, Christology, Salvation: How does learning about Jesus help us to better understand our own humanity?

Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, Sacrament: How is God present and working through the church?

Discipleship, Missiology and Eschatology: How does following Jesus bring hope to the world?

Lecturer: Victoria Lorrimar

Assessment (Lay Preachers Only)

In addition to the set reading for each class (about 100 pages in total), the assessment for this subject is a 1500 word book review or essay. The Lay Preacher candidate may review 100 pages from a set text, or write an essay on one of three set topics. For further information, please contact the course lecturer.