CH002-512 – Christianity in History from 1550

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

Know and understand

  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge and understanding of Christianity in history.

Be able to

  • Trace major developments in the history of Christianity from 1550
  • Outline the contribution of selected people to the development of Christianity from 1550 to the present
  • Draw on selected primary and secondary sources to formulate historical viewpoints on the period from 1550 to the present
  • Present Organised evidence-based perspectives on the history of Christianity from 1550 to the present

Be in a position to

  • Relate perspectives from ‘Christianity from 1550’ to inform ministry contexts


  • Reformation: England and/or Scotland (1533-1588)
  • Puritanism in England and/or America (1563-1662)
  • Revolutionary Learning & Radical Politics

Section B: Change & Renewal

  • Renewal
  • Responding to challenges to Faith

Section C: The Church Universal

  • The church in a global context
  • A history of the church in Australia