CH002-812 – Christianity in History from 1550

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

Know and understand

  1. Demonstrate Advanced knowledge and understanding of Christianity in history.

Be able to

  1. Analyse the major phases and developments in the history of Christianity from 1550 and their relational connections with their political and social contexts
  2. Examine the contribution of selected people to the development of Christianity from 1550 to the present
  3. Critically engage with selected data from primary and secondary sources to formulate Critical historical viewpoints on the period from 1550 to the present
  4. Evaluate Critical evidence-based perspectives on the history of Christianity from 1550 to the present

Be in a position to

  1. Apply knowledge and Critical thinking skills and perspectives from “Christianity in history from 1550” to Assess ministry practice as a reflective practitioner


  • Reformation: England and/or Scotland (1533-1588)
  • Puritanism in England and/or America (1563-1662)
  • Revolutionary Learning & Radical Politics

Section B: Change & Renewal

  • Renewal
  • Responding to challenges to Faith

Section C: The Church Universal

  • The church in a global context
  • A history of the church in Australia