NT001-512 – Jesus and the Gospels

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate Foundational knowledge and understanding of the ministry of Jesus and the contents, themes and character of the canonical Gospels.
  • Be able to
    • Describe the historical, socio-cultural, religious and political setting of first-century Palestine as the context of Jesus’ life and ministry
    • Identify the distinctive features of the four Gospels and the interrelationships between them
    • Present Organised evidence-based perspectives on: a) the life and identity of Jesus; and b) the message and ministry of Jesus
  • Be in a position to elating perspectives from ‘Jesus and the Gospels’ to contemporary Christian living and ministry contexts


  • Context and setting:
    • The historical, socio-cultural, religious and political setting of first century Palestine
  • One Gospel and four Gospels:
    • A detailed study of one or more gospels
    • Distinctive features of the Gospels
    • The interrelationship of the Gospels
  • The identity and life of Jesus:
    • The designations and titles of Jesus
    • The passion and resurrection narratives
  • The message and ministry of Jesus:
    • The Kingdom of God in the proclamation of Jesus
    • The significance and interpretation of the parables
    • The ethics of Jesus, including the Sermon on the Mount
    • The miracles of Jesus and their significance
  • Reflection (through a-d) on the significance of Jesus Christ for contemporary life and ministry