OT010-812 Former Prophets

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

A. Know and understand

1. Demonstrate Advanced knowledge and understanding of the contents, themes and character of the Former Prophets in the English text

B. Be able to

1.Examine the ‘introductory’ issues in understanding the Former Prophets

2. Evaluate alternative interpretations of the themes and theological teachings of the Former Prophets

3. Exegete selected chapters of the English text of Former Prophets

C. Be in a position to

1. Applying the teaching of the Former Prophets contemporary Christian living and ministry practice


  1. The theology of the Former Prophets, with special reference to either (a) Joshua and Judges, or (b) 1 & 2 Samuel, or (c) 1 & 2 Kings, including such motifs as prophecy, temple, kingship, the people of God, the Ark of the Covenant, Deuteronomistic History.
  2. Exegesis of the English text of 1 Samuel 1–12; 2 Samuel 5–7, 15–18 (or comparable passages), drawn from either (a) Joshua & Judges, or (b) 1 & 2 Samuel, or (c) 1 & 2 Kings.