PC001-512 – Ministry Formation

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

A. Know and understand

Demonstrate Functional knowledge and understanding of ministry and its personal and formal requirements, including the methods and standards of professional, safe and ethical practice.

B. Be able to

1. Critically Analyse the biblical evidence relevant to ministry

2. Discuss ministry formation and styles

3. Maintain personal spiritual life and practise self-care

4. Present Critical evidence-based perspectives on ministry formation

C. Be in a position to

1. Applying perspectives from ‘Ministry Formation’ to contemporary Christian life and ministry practice as a reflective practitioner.


Section A: Spirituality for Christian Life and Ministry (50%)

  1. Defining spirituality and spiritual formation.
  2. Biblical patterns of spirituality
  3. Biblical perspectives and their implications for contemporary spirituality with reference to expressions in contemporary Christian traditions
  4. Theological study of biblical patterns
  5. Growing in a context of spiritual opposition and divine help.
  6. Missional Spirituality

Section B: Historical Spirituality (15%)

  1. A brief exposure to the historical expressions of Christian spirituality with special focus on the contextual factors involved in their formation and the implications for today.

Section C: Spiritual Disciplines for Spiritual Formation (35%)

  1. The functions and misuse of the spiritual disciplines in spiritual formation.
  2. Personal disciplines
  3. Lifestyle disciplines
  4. Corporate disciplines