PC108-712 – Missional Discipleship

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

A. Know and understand

Demonstrate Functional knowledge and understanding of missional discipleship, including the methods and standards of professional, safe and ethical practice

B. Be able to

1. Critically Analyse the key elements of disciple making as Demonstrated in the gospels
2. Demonstrate Functional skills of missional discipleship in their context
3. Present Critical evidence-based perspectives on missional discipleship

C. Be in a position to

Applying perspectives from ‘Missional Discipleship’ to contemporary Christian life and ministry practice as a reflective practitioner.


  1. Biblical principles on Jesus’ approach to disciple-making as found in the four gospel accounts with particular reference to the proclamation of the Kingdom of God
  2. Exploration of the Incarnation of Jesus and implications for disciple-making.
  3. An understanding of what the gospel is, as proclaimed by Jesus.
  4. An appreciation for the essence of the Trinity as demonstrated in the teaching of Jesus and the life of the Apostles.
  5. The missional orientation of discipleship as demonstrated by Jesus.
  6. The nature of culture and how culture and context impact disciple-making along with an introduction to and practical use of tools to exegete a neighbourhood or specific cultural context.
  7. A review of practices and disciplines associated with discipleship as defined in this unit