PE007-612 – Christian Apologetics

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

Know and understand

  • Demonstrate developing knowledge and understanding of Christian apologetics.

Be able to

  • Analyse the nature of Christian apologetics
  • Comment critically on Critiques of Christianity from a Christian perspective
  • Demonstrate skills in defending the truth claims of the Christian faith
  • Present analytical evidence-based perspectives on Christian apologetics

Be in a position to

  • Apply perspectives from ‘Christian Apologetics’ to contemporary Christian living and ministry contexts


Section A: Apologetics and the Nature of Truth

  • The definition of apologetics; its relation to theology, study of religion and mission.
  • A brief review of intellectual attacks upon Christian faith and Christian responses, including the Apologists, Augustine, Aquinas, the Enlightenment, Darwinianism, secular humanism.
  • A review of Christian faith and its bearing upon truth as discerned in history, nature and society; the uniqueness of Christian revelation; the questions of truth, presuppositions and verification; epistemology.

Section B: Critiques of Christian Faith

  • Historical: the reliability of the Scriptures; the historicity of Christ and his Resurrection; the emergence of the church.
  • Philosophical: atheism, pantheism, monism, deism, divine providence and miracles; scientific method; evil and suffering.
  • Behavioural: anthropological, sociological and psychological; behaviourism; Freudianism.

Section C: Alternatives to Christian Belief

  • Non-supernatural alternatives: agnostic humanism; atheistic existentialism; Marxism; moralism; scientism and technocracy.
  • Supernatural alternatives: occultism; religious relativism; syncretism; New Age movements.