PE010-512 – Christian Worldview

Credit Points

12 Credit Points (CPS)

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students will

Know and understand

  • Demonstrate foundational knowledge and understanding of the Christian worldview.

Be able to

  • Describe the nature and function of worldviews
  • Connect a Christian worldview to a selection of vocations and disciplines
  • Present organised evidence-based perspectives on the Christian worldview

Be in a position to

  • Relate perspectives from ‘Christian Worldview’ to contemporary Christian living and ministry contexts


Section A—What is a worldview?

The functions of worldviews in human thought and action, how a world view is formed and how it is changed or transformed, non-Christian worldviews, a review of the history of reflection on worldviews

Reflection on issues involved in the development of a Christian worldview from Scripture, including the place of Christian scholarship.

Section B

The description of a Christian worldview, with consideration of the possible variety among Christian worldviews and the similarity and differences of theology and worldview, and the general principles underlying its application to Christian life and ministry. A brief review of the history of reflection on worldviews.

Section C

Reflection on the expression of a Christian worldview in the Christian life and in various vocations and disciplines.

Application of a Christian worldview to at least three of the following:

(i) history,  (ii) science,  (iii) the study of human culture,  (iv) literature and the arts,  (v) education,  (vi) apologetics,  (vii) cross cultural ministry,  (vii) economics,  (viii) politics,  (ix) law,  (x) health,  (xi) recreation,  (xii) technology, and  (xiii) media and/or communication.

One of these topics (or another not covered in the list above and approved by the lecturer) should be the unit of a self-study unit for each student, and this unit should form a significant part of the assessment.