For many years Trinity College has welcomed the ‘Holy Scribblers’ to our library for research and writing purposes.

The group is made up of three Honorary Research Fellows and a fourth writer who meet in the library and describe themselves as an eclectic collective who write about the relation of Christian theology and spirituality to everything.

Their association with the college began through the encouragement of a “very kind Trinity librarian” and the writers have enjoyed the hospitality of the college ever since.

“Each has written their own book but we also contribute to others’ work,” one of the Scribblers, Irene Alexander says. “We come together to write, and to encourage each other in our writing.”

“Someone else gave us the name ‘Holy Scribblers’. We’re not claiming to be very holy.”

Once or twice a year the group of four writers swells to six or seven and goes away together for a week-long writing retreat. They write during the day, and in the evening share and critique one another’s work.

Some of the group have achieved publication in Australia and internationally. Their writing encompasses several genres including fiction, science and theology, physics, mission, spiritual direction, Christian spirituality, and poetry.

Their most recent collaborative publication is To Whom Shall We Go: faith responses in a time of crisis. (Edited by Irene Alexander and Christopher Brown.)

Indeed, the “Holy Scribblers” have been made to feel part of the fabric of the college without, they say, some of the administrative detail that regular faculty have to manage.


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Pictured: Christopher Brown, Ross McKenzie, Irene Alexander