Activate! more than a GAP YEAR

Activate, Applications now open!

Trinity College Queensland is pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Activate’ Gap Year Program in 2018 for new and recent school leavers.
Complete a practically-based Diploma in Ministry in one year whilst exploring questions of faith and life. The Diploma is an accredited course, the subjects of which would earn academic credit in any university.
This academic program is supplemented by fantastic and enriching experiences: overseas mission trip, service opportunities amongst disadvantaged groups, barista course, cooking program, safe driving course, money management, camping, beach trips, art gallery visits and much, much more.
For the inaugural year only, the program is being offered for an all-inclusive cost equivalent to the cost of the academic study. That means all program costs can be covered using ‘fee-help’ leaving an upfront cost of $0! Options also available for students wishing to audit the academic program.
Be a part of this exciting journey!

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