Bachelor of Ministry

Bachelor of Ministry


Graduate as a mission-ready pastor, cross-cultural missionary, or a professional working in a Church agency.


The Bachelor of Ministry (BMin) focusses on equipping Christian leaders to be competent in establishing, developing, transforming and growing healthy communities and networks. The BMin units offered at Trinity College Queensland concentrate on developing expert skills in biblical interpretation, theological engagement with society, and preaching.

The course is accredited by the Adelaide College of Divinity and enables students to engage seriously with contemporary ministry and mission contexts that are developing and evolving. The course provides an opportunity to people who are interested in the study of Christian ministry in contemporary society, whether this leads to a Christian ministry role or to personal enrichment and leadership development for other fields of endeavour. It is open to people of any, or no, denominational background.

This course can be completed as a full-time student over three years or part-time over six years.


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Fee & Payment Options

Unit: $1,665.00
Full course fees (24 units): $39,960.00


3 years full time


Face to face and/or online

Last day to enrol

August 3, 2018

Our Bachelor of Ministry is accredited through the Adelaide College of Divinity.