Dr Paul Jones, Principal at Trinity College Queensland reviews John Goldingay’s book An introduction to the Old Testament.

It can be difficult to find a textbook that is just right when you start studying the Old Testament, that gives you just enough depth that you get into things but not too much that you get bogged down.

I want to recommend something I use with my students, John Goldingay’s An introduction to the Old Testament. The great thing about this book is that you don’t have to wade though 15 pages or 20-page chapters every time you want to get into something in the Old Testament. Every two-page spread covers a topic, such as Exodus through to Deuteronomy, reading 1 Samuel, and the poetry in Isaiah 31.

Every time you want to be introduced to something new you only need to read two pages at a time to get a brief introduction to the topic. You can start wherever you want in the book and move around, and you will not be missing out because you have not read the pages at the front first. It is a great way to get into the Old Testament as a starter.

The book is available to borrow from the Trinity Theological Library.

An introduction to the Old Testament: exploring text approaches and issues
John Goldingay