Worship is a lifestyle that we hope to deepen through life at Trinity.  Viewed from above the waterline, Trinity is clearly a place of learning with respect to Biblical Studies, Theology, Mission and Ministry.  However, below the waterline, Trinity is a community where worship is paramount in the deepening of discipleship.

Worship as lifestyle is lived within the dynamic of revelation and reaction.  It is much more than an event for “When you begin to glimpse the reality of God, the natural reaction is to worship Him.” (Tom Wright Simply Christian).  Therefore, everything we do at Trinity is concerned with revealing the reality of God and providing space for the natural reactions, including worship, to emerge.  We are reliant on the Holy Spirit, Scripture and the Sacraments to provide a high definition revelation of God in all that is taught, preached and lived within the Trinity community.  Trinity’s weekly Chapel Service is a vital and vibrant space in which the worship of God, through Word, Spirit and the Sacrament of Holy Communion, occurs.

Each semester a different aspect of the scriptures are chosen as a focal point for the preaching within the Chapel Service.  In Semester 1 this year, the focus will be on the Psalms.  Each week a member from the Trinity Faculty or a Minister from the wider life of the Uniting Church in Australia will preach on a particular Psalm.

The Psalms provide deeply practical contours to Worship.  This is evident in the reflections of Eugene Peterson who suggests that “I knew that following Jesus could never develop into a “long obedience” without a deepening life of prayer and that the Psalms had always been the primary means by which Christians learned to pray everything they lived, and live everything they prayed over the long haul.” (Eugene Peterson A Long Obedience in the Same Direction)

 At Trinity we want to see people live deeply as disciples of Jesus.  This goes for people both within and beyond the College community.  One way that we aim to serve the wider church is through providing weekly podcasts of the sermons from our Chapel Service.  We invite you to journey with us through the book of Psalms in the hope that it will deepen your worship of God.

To access the podcast series on Psalms simply go to the Trinity website and click on #TrinityLife or you can follow this link: https://www.trinity.qld.edu.au/trinitylife/